Disallow process.env (no-process-env)

The process.env object in Node.js is used to store deployment/configuration parameters. Littering it through out a project could lead to maintenance issues as it’s another kind of global dependency. As such, it could lead to merge conflicts in a multi-user setup and deployment issues in a multi-server setup. Instead, one of the best practices is to define all those parameters in a single configuration/settings file which could be accessed throughout the project.

Rule Details

This rule is aimed at discouraging use of process.env to avoid global dependencies. As such, it will warn whenever process.env is used.

The following patterns are considered warnings:

if(process.env.NODE_ENV === "development") {

The following patterns are considered okay and do not cause warnings:

var config = require("./config");

if(config.env === "development") {

When Not To Use It

It should be not used in your configuration/settings file where process.env is used to assign values to parameters to be accessed throughout the project.

Further Reading


This rule was introduced in ESLint 0.9.0.