Disallow Spaces Before Semicolon (no-space-before-semi)

Deprecation notice: This rule is deprecated and has been superseded by the semi-spacing rule. It will be removed in ESLint v1.0.

JavaScript allows for placing unnecessary spaces between an expression and the closing semicolon.

Space issues can also cause code to look inconsistent and harder to read.

var thing = function {
  var test = 12 ;
}  ;

Rule Details

This rule prevents the use of spaces before a semicolon in expressions.

The following patterns are considered warnings:

var foo = "bar" ;

var foo = function() {} ;

var foo = function() {
} ;

var foo = 1 + 2 ;

The following patterns are not warnings:


var foo = "bar";


This rule was introduced in ESLint 0.4.3.