Disallow Parens Around Functions (no-wrap-func)

Deprecation notice: This rule is deprecated and has been superseded by the no-extra-parens rule, when configured in the "functions" mode. It will be removed in ESLint v1.0.

Although it’s possible to wrap functions in parentheses, this can be confusing when the code also contains immediately-invoked function expressions (IIFEs) since parentheses are often used to make this distinction. For example:

var foo = (function() {
    // IIFE

var bar = (function() {
    // not an IIFE

Rule Details

This rule will raise a warning when it encounters a function expression wrapped in parentheses with no following invoking parentheses.

The following patterns are considered warnings:

var a = (function() {...});

The following patterns are considered okay and do not cause warnings:

var a = function() {...};

(function() {...})();

Further Reading


This rule was introduced in ESLint 0.0.9.