Disallow Parens Around Functions (no-wrap-func)

Replacement notice: This rule was removed in ESLint v1.0 and replaced by the no-extra-parens rule, when configured in the "functions" mode.

Although it’s possible to wrap functions in parentheses, this can be confusing when the code also contains immediately-invoked function expressions (IIFEs) since parentheses are often used to make this distinction. For example:

var foo = (function() {
    // IIFE

var bar = (function() {
    // not an IIFE

Rule Details

This rule will raise a warning when it encounters a function expression wrapped in parentheses with no following invoking parentheses.

The following patterns are considered problems:

var a = (function() {/*...*/});

The following patterns are not considered problems:

var a = function() {/*...*/};

(function() {/*...*/})();

Further Reading


This rule was introduced in ESLint 0.0.9 and removed in 1.0.0-rc-1.